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The Rubicon Trail's
"Jewel of the Sierra"

Enjoy the journery AND the destination

This Is Our Story

In 1985, twenty families came together to purchase the area known as Rubicon Springs (Rubicon Soda Springs) that had grown from the original 40 acres in mid 1800's to 400.  Purchased from Bohemia Lumber, the group purchase stemmed from the mutual love for the scenic beauty of the area, and the love of the four-wheeling experience that was required to reach the camp at the Springs.  At the time, Bohemia Lumber was considering selling the property to the U.S. Forest Service and it was feared they would limit the public access and historic use.


Today, RSSI manages the property based on our Vision and Mission statement through a team of non-compensated board members that meet monthly.  The Board consists of 7 shareholders elected each year at the annual shareholder meeting and are all connected passionately to Rubicon Springs.  Our Board President provides the shareholders with a 30,000' view of the future direction of RSSI and sets near term goals to accomplish during the upcoming year that aligns with our Mission Statement. The Board then works with committees to execute and turn the vision into reality. 


On behalf of the shareholders and board members, we hope you find this site helpful in making your visits to Rubicon Springs even more enjoyable.

What Makes Us Special


Natural Beauty


Our Promise

VISION STATEMENT:  The RSSI shareholders envision our beautiful, secluded and fragile property as a life-changing, family-friendly experience that provides our off-road visitors with one of the most iconic destinations on earth. We will promote our historical and recreational values for future generations by sustaining a balance of economic viability and environmentally prudent land use decisions


MISSION STATEMENT:  To preserve public access into Rubicon Springs through;

  • Responsible Private Property Management

  • Cooperative Land Use Agency Relationships

  • Trail User Education


"Rubicon Springs is a wonderful place to camp. Worth every bump, bang and inch of work it takes to get there."


"Dreaming of another Rubicon Trip 💭 💭 Camping at Rubicon Springs was one of the most invigorating experiences and I cannot wait to go back 😍"


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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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