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Know Before You Go!

According to "The Rubicon Trail will push you and your vehicle to the limits. It has an extreme rating for a reason. There will be damage to the vehicle and you should be prepared to get stuck during the trip."  But if you have the vehicle up to the challenge, and a pioneer spirit, we look forward to seeing you in the springs.

2023 Season Update

Effective July 1st our Caretakers are now in Rubicon Springs and opening the property up for visitors. They have asked to have the reservation system shut down for the remainder of the season for all camp sites except the Deluxe sites.  Please use the previous process of first come, first served on site and remember cash payments are required. We apologize for the inconvenience! 


Deluxe Sites

Who should make an Individual Reservation?

One vehicle, with up to four occupants. Your choice of Unimproved, Improved and Deluxe (just bring your sleeping bag) sites.

Please bring a print out of your reservation when you check in.  


Who should make a Group Reservation?

Clubs and groups  who camp together but want to pay separately.

Events & Large Groups

Who should make an Event Reservation?

Organizations & large groups that pay for their participants in a single payment.

Rubicon Springs Camping

Rubicon Springs Camping

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